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HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training

HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training

The HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training is designed for Malaysians who are registered in the HRD Corp scheme and want to increase their Excel competence while taking advantage of the courses that may be claimed.

Who Should to sign up for this HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training?

  • Staff members: If you are employed in Malaysia and your employer is registered under the HRD Corp system, you are eligible to enroll in this training program aimed at enhancing your proficiency in Excel. Proficiency in this talent is highly advantageous for a wide range of job positions, spanning from data analysts to administrative personnel.
  • Employers in Malaysia who are registered with HRD Corp and wish to enhance the professional growth of their employees can promote enrollment in this training program. It has the potential to enhance productivity and efficiency in managing data and generating reports.
  • Participants of the HRD Corp Scheme, whether individuals or businesses, can enhance the skills of their employees in Excel through this training program. Under the system, the training fee is eligible for reimbursement, making it a financially advantageous option for enhancing abilities.

There aren’t any requirements for taking this course.

Overview of the HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training

The HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training is specifically designed for individuals in Malaysia who wish to enhance their proficiency in Excel and have the chance to reimburse the training expenses through the HRD Corp program. This course is optimal for those in both employee and employer roles who aim to enhance their proficiency in Excel within a professional setting.

HRD Corp Claimable Excel Intermediate Training Outline

Module 1: Advanced Formulas and Functions

  • Proficient utilization of functions like as IF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and INDEX-MATCH.
  • Functions that are contained within other functions and formulas that operate on arrays.
  • Utilizing bespoke formulas for data validation.

Module 2 focuses on the analysis of data and the use of PivotTables.

  • Generating and personalizing PivotTables.
  • Utilizing PivotCharts for the purpose of visualizing data.
  • Utilize slicers and timelines to facilitate interactive filtering.

Module 3: Data Cleansing and Transformation

  • Methods for dividing text into columns and splitting data.
  • Eliminating duplicate entries and managing incomplete data.
  • Advanced techniques for purifying data.

Module 4 focuses on the concept of conditional formatting.

  • Advanced formatting guidelines and mathematical expressions.
  • Generating thermal maps and collections of symbols.
  • Implementing conditional formatting for data that changes dynamically.

Module 5: Data Integration and Connection

  • Aggregating data from numerous worksheets and workbooks.
  • Establishing data connections between many workbooks.
  • Overseeing external data connections.

Module 6 focuses on advanced techniques for creating charts and graphics.

  • Complex chart formats such as Gantt charts and waterfall charts.
  • Developing charts that are both dynamic and interactive.
  • Utilizing sparklines to depict data trends.

Module 7 focuses on the use of data tables and scenarios.

  • Utilizing data tables for advanced hypothetical analysis.
  • Complex modeling can be efficiently managed with a Scenario Manager.
  • Utilize Goal Seek to optimize various scenarios.

Module 8: Sophisticated Data Analysis Tools

  • Sophisticated filters and specific criteria.
  • Utilizing Excel’s statistical features.
  • Statistical techniques for analyzing the relationship between variables and measuring the strength of their association.

Module 9: Automating Excel using Macros

  • Creating and modifying macros.
  • Essential principles of VBA programming for Excel.
  • Automating monotonous jobs using macros.

Module 10 focuses on the process of working together in Excel.

  • Instantaneous collaboration using Excel Online and SharePoint.
  • Evaluating and monitoring modifications.
  • Facilitating the sharing and safeguarding of workbooks to enable collaborative efforts.



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