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HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training

HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training

These advanced training lessons focus on the complexities of Microsoft Power BI, providing users with the skills to proficiently manage intricate data analysis, modeling, and visualization activities in a professional setting. Every lesson concentrates on sophisticated subjects and practical situations to enhance learners’ proficiency in Power BI.

Who Should to sign up for this HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training ?

The HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training is specifically designed for professionals seeking to enhance their data analysis and business intelligence capabilities. This training is highly suitable for:

  • Data analysts and scientists are individuals that aim to fully utilize the capabilities of Power BI for sophisticated data analysis, predictive modeling, and making decisions based on data.
  • Business Intelligence Professionals: Individuals employed in BI positions who require expertise in utilizing complex functionalities and capabilities of Power BI in order to develop intricate dashboards and reports.
  • Data Engineers are individuals who have the responsibility of preparing and transforming data. They are interested in utilizing advanced techniques like Power Query and Dataflows.
  • Business analysts seeking to enhance their data modeling proficiency, develop intricate computations, and provide informative reports to stakeholders.
  • IT Professionals: IT professionals responsible for managing and enhancing Power BI deployments in their organizations.
  • Financial analysts are finance professionals that seek to utilize Power BI for sophisticated financial modeling, budgeting, and forecasting purposes.
  • Consultants: Individuals seeking to augment their proficiency in data analysis and visualization in order to deliver greater value to their clientele.
  • Project Managers: Individuals responsible for utilizing Power BI to enhance project monitoring, reporting, and decision-making assistance.
  • Senior executives want to enhance their comprehension of their company’s data and utilize sophisticated analytics to inform strategic decision-making.

For those aspiring to enhance their professional growth, this opportunity is ideal for individuals aiming to excel in the business field by acquiring expertise in one of the most highly demanded business intelligence tools in the industry.

There aren’t any requirements for taking this course.

Overview of the HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training

The HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training is a rigorous curriculum built primarily to improve participants’ Power BI knowledge. The course covers advanced data modeling, DAX functions, data transformation, and visualization techniques in detail. Participants will learn how to efficiently use AI and machine learning, administer enterprise-level Power BI systems, and apply advanced security protocols. Participants will gain practical skills in handling difficult data challenges by participating in practical projects and analyzing real-life circumstances. This training program enables professionals to gain Power BI experience, allowing them to fully exploit the capabilities of this powerful business intelligence platform for complex data analysis and informed decision-making.


HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Advanced Training Outline

Module 1: Advanced DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Functions

  • Acquiring proficiency in sophisticated DAX functions.
  • Transition and appraisal of context.
  • Time intelligence functions are used for intricate analysis.

Module 2: Sophisticated Data Modeling Techniques

  • Advanced principles in data modeling.
  • Exploring different dimensions through role-playing.
  • Managing partnerships that involve several entities connected to multiple other entities.

Module 3 focuses on advanced techniques for visualizing data and customizing visualizations

  • Designing personalized graphics and styles.
  • Utilization of sophisticated visualization methods, such as the decomposition tree.
  • Improving reports by including personalized CSS and JavaScript.

Module 4 focuses on advanced techniques for dataflows and Power Query

  • Power Query enables advanced data transformation.
  • Power Query involves the use of parameters and functions.
  • Managing intricate data scenarios using M code.

Module 5: Advanced Analytics utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning models into Power BI.
  • Anticipatory analysis and projection.
  • Utilizing natural language generation (NLG) to generate insights.

Module 6 focuses on advanced techniques for analyzing data and presenting insights in a compelling manner

  • Utilize DAX and data modeling techniques to gain sophisticated data insights.
  • Utilizing data storytelling to effectively communicate insights.
  • Generating captivating storylines inside written reports.

Module 7: Power BI Administration and Enterprise Deployment

  • Power BI administration at the enterprise level.
  • Executing data governance and ensuring compliance.
  • Overseeing the organization and administration of work areas, entry points, and available resources.

Module 8 focuses on advanced techniques for integrating and customizing

  • Enhancing Power BI functionality with the integration of personalized visualizations and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Advanced options for embedding Power BI.
  • Enabling the integration of Power BI with other business applications.

Module 9: Enhanced Security and Row-Level Security

  • Deploying sophisticated security protocols in Power BI.
  • Row-level security that is dynamic.
  • Optimal strategies for safeguarding confidential information.

Module 10 focuses on real-world projects and advanced case studies

  • Utilizing extensive Power BI expertise in practical applications.
  • Utilizing Power BI to resolve intricate business challenges.
  • Optimal strategies for advanced Power BI development and implementation.


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