HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training

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HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training

HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training

A fundamental understanding of data visualization and reporting can be obtained through the acquisition of expertise in Power BI. This is beneficial for persons who require data manipulation in their personal or professional efforts. Users are able to commence the construction of straightforward reports and dashboards in order to gain insights from data, and this is accomplished without the need for advanced technological skills.

Who Should to sign up for this HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training ?

Business analysts must possess fundamental Power BI abilities in order to effectively visualize and analyze data, enabling them to make well-informed judgments. It enables them to generate uncomplicated reports and dashboards. Managers from various departments can derive advantages from possessing fundamental Power BI expertise in order to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and oversee the performance of their teams or departments. Sales and marketing professionals frequently handle data pertaining to sales metrics, customer characteristics, and the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Proficiency in Power BI enables individuals to generate visual representations that enhance their understanding and analysis of data. Small business owners can utilize Power BI to generate concise financial and operational reports, enabling them to monitor performance and make well-informed choices.

There aren’t any requirements for taking this course.

Overview of the HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training

Power BI can be utilized by individuals in charge of data entry to verify data and generate fundamental reports, hence guaranteeing data precision. Students interested in business, data analysis, or similar subjects can increase their academic and job chances by acquiring fundamental knowledge of Power BI, a useful skillset.

HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Basic Training Outline

Module 1: Power BI Introduction

  • Introduction to Power BI and its functionalities.
  • Initiating the usage of Power BI Desktop.
  • Establishing connections with data sources.

Module 2: Data Manipulation in Power BI

  • Data retrieval and conversion.
  • Data cleansing and data structuring with Power Query.
  • Aggregating data from many sources.

Module 3: Generating Visual Representations

  • Constructing fundamental visual representations such as bar charts, pie charts, and tables.
  • Manipulating and personalizing visual elements.
  • Utilizing slicers and filters to conduct data investigation.

Module 4: Constructing Dashboards

  • Developing dynamic dashboards using a variety of interactive graphic elements.
  • Implementing the inclusion of drill-through and drill-down functionalities.
  • Creating reports that are easy for users to understand and navigate.

Module 5 focuses on the concepts of sharing and collaboration.

  • Uploading reports to the Power BI service.
  • Engaging in the act of distributing and cooperating on reports and dashboards.
  • An overview of Power BI mobile applications.


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