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HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training

HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training

These training modules at an intermediate level offer a strong basis for those seeking to improve their Power BI abilities. Participants will acquire expertise in data modeling, data transformation, report generation, and data visualization, equipping them to effectively utilize Power BI in a professional setting.

Who Should to sign up for this HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training ?

Professionals aiming to enhance their data analysis and business intelligence skills may enroll in this HRD Corp reimbursable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training. This platform is well-suited for individuals in roles such as data analysts, business analysts, finance experts, and anybody responsible for transforming data into practical and valuable insights. Attendees will enhance their comprehension of data modeling, visualization, and analysis through the utilization of Power BI, enabling them to make informed decisions based on data and generate captivating reports and dashboards. This program is also appropriate for organizations seeking to utilize the potential of Power BI for enhanced data-driven decision-making and reporting.

There aren’t any requirements for taking this course.

Overview of the HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training

The HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training provides a thorough curriculum aimed at enhancing participants’ abilities in data analysis and visualization. This session will focus on advanced data modeling, enabling attendees to fully utilize the features of Power BI and develop proficiency in building interactive reports and dashboards.

HRD Corp Claimable Microsoft Power BI Intermediate Training Outline

Module 1 focuses on the concepts of data modeling and relationships.

  • Gaining comprehension of data modeling principles.
  • Establishing associations between tables.
  • Overseeing relationships and determining cardinality.

Module 2: Power Query’s Advanced Data Transformations

  • Advanced methods for cleaning and organizing data.
  • Integrating queries and manipulating parameters.
  • Power Query allows for the creation of custom functions.

Module 3 focuses on the fundamental concepts of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

  • Investigating DAX functions and syntax.
  • Columns and measures that are derived through calculations.
  • Temporal analysis functions.

Module 4 focuses on the creation of interactive reports

  • Developing dynamic visual representations that allow for user engagement.
  • Using slicers, filters, and drill-through functionality.
  • Creating reports that are easy for users to understand and navigate.

Module 5: Sophisticated Visualization Techniques

  • Personalized graphics and designs.
  • Structures of authority and the process of delving further into specific details.
  • Utilizing conditional formatting and data bars.

Module 6 focuses on Power BI Service and Dataflow

  • An overview of Power BI Service.
  • Disseminating and distributing reports.
  • Utilizing Power BI Dataflows for the purpose of data preparation.

Module 7 focuses on the analysis and interpretation of data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions

  • Constructing computed tables and hierarchies.
  • Performing data analysis utilizing sophisticated DAX calculations.
  • An overview of Q&A and Quick Insights.

Module 8 focuses on the administration and security aspects of Power BI

  • Managing workspaces and gateways.
  • Enforcing role-based access control.
  • Adherence to regulations and management of data.

Module 9 focuses on advanced techniques for integrating and utilizing data from many sources

  • Establishing connections with diverse data sources.
  • Optimizing data source selection and enhancing performance.
  • Aggregating data from many platforms.

Module 10 focuses on analyzing and solving real-world business cases and projects

  • Utilizing Power BI expertise in practical situations.
  • Engaging in project and case study assignments.
  • Optimal methodologies for Power BI project development.


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