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HRD Corp Claimable TikTok Marketing Training

HRD Corp Claimable TikTok Marketing Training

With the widespread adoption of TikTok, another paradigm shift is imminent in the realm of social media.

The following data demonstrate why businesses cannot afford to ignore TikTok.

  • It has 500 million users worldwide.
  • With 33 million downloads in Q1 2019, it was AppStore’s most downloaded app.
  • It is accessible in 155 nations.
  • 90% of TikTok users open the application many times per day.
  • Average daily video views on TikTok are 1 million
  • Since TikTok is a relatively new platform, it focuses mostly on user acquisition rather than aggressive monetization. Therefore, marketers may easily use this platform by focusing solely on content production and achieving maximum exposure in a short period of time. How? Let’s talk about this.

Why Our Training Course for TikTok is Absolutely Necessary
Many people in today’s younger generation find TikTok to be an engaging and dynamic social media site, and they use it frequently. Reaching this dynamic audience that is ravenous for good content that presents brand personalities in an interactive manner is vital for businesses since this audience is eager for this type of content.

The completion of our training course for TikTok will guarantee that your company is prepared to handle and run your brand channel in an efficient manner while keeping conversions in mind. Contact us to learn more about the training program.

Training Course on TikTok’s Digital Marketing Platform for Businesses

  • How are people making use of the TikTok app?
  • What advantages does TikTok have over competing video platforms for companies?
  • What are some of the capabilities and services that TikTok offers?
  • What can I expect to see on the Home feed?
  • Your profile and the configuration settings
  • TikTok: the basics of using it
  • Putting together your first piece of content
  • Changing and refining your video through editing.
  • The benefits and difficulties of using TikTok
  • Creating material that is worthy of being shared.
  • Functions for commenting and chatting
  • Advice on being creative when developing material
  • TikTok Hashtag Methodologies and Applications
  • Putting your product or service in the best possible position
  • Developing the character of your company or brand
  • Towards the cultivation of authenticity
  • How to include material from sources that are external to the organization
  • What exactly does it mean to “Follow” someone?
  • Using applications developed by third parties and what’s feasible?
  • Advice from the experts on what to do and what to steer clear of
  • What is it that can be measured and watched over?
  • Tools for taking measurements
  • Success evaluation that goes beyond TikTok and the number of followers


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