Skim Bantuan Latihan - HRD Corp (SBL)

A program aimed to assist firms in retraining and updating their employees’ skills and knowledge in order to meet operational and business needs.

*Training Types Covered:
  • In-House (on-premises, hotel, or external training location) for a minimum of two participants and a maximum of forty participants.
  • Public transport (domestic or international) for a minimum of 1 passenger and a maximum of 9 passengers.
  • For an unlimited number of learners and costs, a certification program or mandatory industrial-based training is required.
  • Job coach with a minimum of five passengers and an unlimited number
  • Mobile learning without a minimum or maximum number of participants
  • Coaching and mentoring without a minimum or maximum number of participants**
  • No-minimum, no-maximum-capacity development program
  • Online education
  • e-learning
  • e-learning with a blended approach (Hybrid)
  • Mobile education
  • Online distance education
Ms Aida HRD Corp

HRDC Assistant

Cik Aida

HRD Corporation Assistance*:

Allowance for meals

Daily Subsistence Allowance

Consumable Educational Resources

Package Rental of a Hotel OR Location Rental of a Training Facility

Airline Ticket OR Mode of Transport

Cost of Internet Data up to RM 100 per group (For remote online learning ONLY)